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Q: "I'm a beginner...what class do I choose?"
A: Our 4 pm and 7 pm classes are great for beginners, but any of the All Levels classes are good for beginners as well.  
Q: "Do I need gear to start?" 
 A: You don't need gear to start. We will help you choose good quality gear when you join. 
Q: "How often should I train?"
A: The average student trains 2 to 3 days per week while balancing work, family, school and free time. Where as the competitive fighter trains 4 to 6 days per week. Ultimately, listen to your body to allow good rest and recovery between sessions. 
Individual 1:1 Development sessions for youth and adult booked mid mornings / mid afternoons between 11 am and up to 3 pm between class times. 
Weekends times available as well. 
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